wearing my green chuck taylors and off to the timbers v. sporting kc playoff tonight. fully expecting to be disappointed.

- linda 10-29-2015 8:35 pm

the joys of fandom.
- dave 10-29-2015 8:40 pm

that wascrazy ridiculous.
- linda 10-30-2015 1:11 am

i saw a couple of clips as they whizzed by on twitter. playoff atmosphere is fun.... when you win.
- dave 10-30-2015 1:14 am

it camedown to keeper vs keeper in pks. timbers keeper both scored and blocked. yahoo!
- linda 10-30-2015 1:19 am

yah, well we left the stadium at 90' bc ryley still had to prepare for a test tomorrow. i was happy to watch from my sofa.
- linda 10-30-2015 1:21 am

life in portland, you can get from your seat at the stadium at 90', find taxi, and be on your sofa beginning of second overtime period.

- linda 10-30-2015 1:29 am

now im disappointed. i thought those hippie schools dont even have grades?

- dave 10-30-2015 1:32 am

no grades, but grading in middle school with plus, check, or minus.
- linda 10-30-2015 1:44 am

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