my 10-12lb young turkey is enroute! second week in a row ill be indulging in post thanksgiving selloffs. last week it was cornbread stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes preprepared. now ill try my hand at a turkey. ive never cooked a whole one before. any advice that i wont heed?

still have to go out and buy a disposable roasting pan at the "99cents" store which is really going to cut into my price per pound which is currently at $1. there was an even cheaper butterball at $.50 per but i thought id splurge on what i imagine is supposed to be higher quality. bought a cornbread mix and still have some cranberry sauce. its gonna be one hell of a pearl harbor day celebration! ok, probably wait until the weekend. what happened on dec 9?

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Dukes London martini

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One of the few traditional wood barrel-aged soy sauce makers in Japan

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its a gas, gas, gas

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i know you are all still eating oreos while celebrating hispanic heritage month but couldnt look past this latest amazon food recommendation on my home page.

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Was gonna get bagel after my physical in the West village at a popup bagel shop. Not sure if that was the descriptor or the name. Three bagel minimum with obligatory cream cheese. $12. Price not awful but who buys three at a time that way?
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guess its finally happening. the shake shack is opening in the old schiller location on rivington.


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sardines from Portugal

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Need to credit Linda for the perfection of the potatoe cake.....

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classic hollywood recipe blog

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red red whine

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Rum punch

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WD (fail)

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"Bianchdudui di Bera is a unique and unrepeatable oxidative white wine. Since the 2000 vintage, an aromatic, savory and mineral Muscat left under the veil for sixteen years in a forgotten tank, a real Piedmontese vin jaune. In a word: harmony, which is not by chance the meaning of the ideogram on the label."

who's in?

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