pretty good la columbe deal. 2 packs for half price. half price listed on page. works out to about $10 a pound.

This week only, stream Dieter Rams doc free

kept hearing good things about this but i havent watched it yet.

Marty M

theyre doing a spinal tap sequel. that cant be a good idea.

K J Kinght


sports, sports everywhere! this is on clay to boot.

Carlos Alcaraz joined a small group Saturday, becoming the fifth player to defeat Djokovic and Rafael Nadal on back-to-back days and the first since Roger Federer at the 2010 ATP Finals. Alcaraz, 19, is also the youngest player to defeat an ATP World No. 1 since Nadal beat Roger Federer in the 2005 French Open semifinals on his 19th birthday.

nationally ranked squash player excels at other stuff too!

old fashioned sports watching day for me. two plus soccer games (two exciting ties! really), a basketball playoff game that came down to a final shot just a 1/10 of a second late, and a 79 to 1 longshot (longest odds) winning the kentucky derby. and still one more basketball playoff game later. just goes to show that hard work pays off in the end.

now i have to go back to reading about whether iuds are abortifacients which is a word i just learned the meaning of earlier today. deciding if life begins at fertilization or implantation really is a variant of asking what the definition of is is. as for me i say kill them all and let god sort it out.

What to do if you find a meteorite 

50 of the 70 showtimes for new dr strange movie at amc times sq


JJ: flag

Gordon Matta Clark


got an hour or so?


gangs of ny

wordle type movie image guessing game.

Tony Hawk Doc

RIP Cynthia Plaster Caster


tony smith 

gilbert gottfried, rip.