This might be my all time favorite Onion headline (although there are so many!): “Protesters criticized for looting businesses without forming private equity firm first.”

like data?



They missed one line......."Cause of death; LIVING!"

Moss balls

which color would/did you buy? which color is most popular?

looking for a good Suicide box set. Found this but so much redundancy. Kind of fits.

four thieves vinegar

american trial: the eric garner story


Duane Hansen  Olivier Mosset

ordered 18 items from walmart a week ago. mostly foodstuffs. came in 7 different deliveries. the last just arrived. if you had bbq sauce in the raffle, you win!

best deal:

(3 Pack) Maille Dijon Originale Traditional Dijon Mustard, 7.5 OZ $6.42

usually costs about $4.50 for one at the supermarkets.


wildcard on my whole foods order — hamburger patties with bacon and cheddar cheese in the mix.

hack-man fever

Linda B making a great potatoe with some Jimmy Sapphire-ness.

RIP Lynn Shelton

RIP Fred Willard

when manhattan was manhatta.