Needed a laugh tonight.......watching Rushmore

Ludlow st


garbage trend

this word game took off on my twitter feed in the last week. just easy enough to make you feel smart.

garbage trend

The righteous gemstones

Bernard Aubertin

search party

just started this one.


white lotused

hollow earth theory 

kinda dumb and way to male, but was fun to watch tonight

flashback fridays

"They call me Mr. Tibbs!"

went with the tourist today. pretty good elmore leonard-type crime mystery. used the vid cloud server.

thumbs up two eps in on yellowjackets from showtime.

watching here. after clicking on ep 1 you have to find a working server by clicking on the ones appearing below the screen.

noted gameshow contestant dies.

"RIP to former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, whose death at age 82 prematurely cuts short a promising future in Democratic politics"

eve babitz and joan didion died within a week. never heard of the former til recently and wanted to indulge but read some didion back in the day when i read at all. she definitely seems like the patron st of cool chick writers for cool chick writers if they managed to live through their sylvia plath phase.




On the Color Wheel

Red and Green

Are opposites

But the technical term is Complimentary Colors

They call across the Spectrum

And vibrate in one another’s presence


In a time of too much opposition

Remember how Red and Green

Resolve their conflict 

Conjoining as the

Colors of Christmas


for some reason got a royal caribbean cruise ad in my email. just looking at the seven photos in the ad only to quickly notice that there was not a cruise ship among them. tough times when your best option is hiding the thing you are trying to sell.

Anyone else hear the ecco?

station eleven on hbo seems like a winner. went in pretty blind and im not sure where its headed so im not posting a trailer. 

food for thought