Louisiana is disappearing.

pepper pot with shellfish and squash / RIP : Fritz Blank

Yes, they do make replacement Le Creuset casserole handles.

how goldman controls the fed...

Savory kale bacon biscuits

its your big day, bill. only 17 hours left to buy the complete mary hartman, mary hartman series for $87.

"What ensued was the joint highest-scoring penalty shootout in League Football history. At one point, 20 straight shots were converted. Both goalkeepers were forced to shoot (both scored) before the teams came full circle to the top of the order. Finally in the 15th round, Albert Adomah missed wide to the goalkeeper’s left, ending the epic shootout with Liverpool surviving another day."

pretty farking black!
tincan London
Ala Ebetkar
anthropocene today

Stumped Siri's new song recognition with a Fripp album that has only been released on vinyl.


What do you all think of this? The Future Library Project.

Margaret Atwood, who I respect without knowing or ever having read any of her work, will be the first included author.

Sir Kensington loves Jim, we know that, just does Jim love SK?



sous vide demi --> $200

the roosevelts get the ken burns treatment starting sunday on pbs.

33 Grocery Store Staples Named After Real People

mmmm, dumplings.