Just launched in to the last movie stars


As great as ever....

Cool place


TV when it’s on. Art when it’s off.

the frame but is it illuminated?

twitter once again good for something. reminded me that the womens euro finals starts in 20 minutes on espn. i watched a whole game and a half of the tournament so i am well versed. england v. germany. england will take any high level soccer win at the moment i gather. even if they have to root for women. 

If you find yourself at the met for various other reasons, seek out the bernd and hilla Becher photography show. 

more 80s nostalgia. wheres fucking cannon? that was tv with gristle. bosom buddies? more like bosom pussies!

Shake Shack is on track to open on the Lower East Side in what had been Keith McNally’s Schiller’s Liquor Bar.

good movie thread. wouldnt have an answer for 1919 or 1929 offhand. a lot of people saying broken blossoms for 1919 as it is probably the only notable one. still working on mine.

found the worst tasting snack at trader joes today.

not damning but fascinating nonetheless.

Cant say I liked........Under the Skin


yum.....+ gluten:<()

Claes Oldenburg RIP

Peaberry coffee beans / organic free trade

mickeys gala premier, 1933

Saret at Karma EV NYC