we (there was a "we"!) were talking tom hanks movies when we should have been talking peter scolari. rip.



frisbee history 

not with a bang but with a whimper... rip colin powell.

Yaffa's shitak, portobello pate:


shallots,shitake,portobello,sauteed in butter for 10 minutes, add walnut, put every thing in a blender, than chop more walnut&parsley,mixed it ,add salt if you wish,enjoy,


just watched the Sopranos prequel. A must if you were an avid watcher. Many early "family" members. 

kind of tired of vu but since it is a todd haynes doc....

these are good time-capsule-y snap shots - snl hosts introducing musical guests. had no idea who this guy was even after i sussed it out. 


this is the freshest piece of swordfish ever in portland.......not carbon neutral

caught in new zealand waters, flown by air.........my kids loves it and if he eats food I am happy

tree frog beer

go red sox go giants

Every country controls the airspace above it as well as the air space above adjacent international waters extending for 12 nautical miles out from the country's shore line.

Researchers working with Google's quantum computer lab might have created a time crystal. The paper is still in pre print and yet to be peer reviewed. Extremely deep rabbit hole ahead.

Fried catfish


cheap crappy takeout chinese food is no longer cheap though still probably crappy. my $18 pre-pandemic order of fried dumplings, cold sesame noodles and some pint of chicken dish which was $18 is now $26. so instead i walked to the still cheap-o dumpling place, not vanessa, and got a non-dumpling dish for the first time, their duck noodle soup which was... not good. the duck was 95% bones and skin. it did have a fried egg in it which vanessas never had so.... protein achieved.

Remember that January 5th meeting?

just saw this on a list of films edgar wright is curating on criterion.

Beat Girl

Belle de Jour

Black Narcissus

Blood and Black Lace

Don't Look Now



Seance on a Wet Afternoon

The Earrings of Madame de...



just watched The Long Goodbye on Criterion. Recommend 

I saw one on Jay Street yesterday, but didn't know what it was.

Almost 500,000: That's the number of children diagnosed with COVID from Sept. 2 to Sept. 9, a number the American Academy of Pediatrics said has "increased exponentially."

Red beans and rice is nice