mindlessly thwacked what must have been a mosquito as it made a bloody mess on my pristine white wall. thank goodness for those magic erasers which ive only employed since moving here. the are, well, magic. i dont know what theyre made from but if its aborted fetuses id say its still worth it. 

rip ro'n 

finally some catholic content. the daily lunchtime/recess shriekfest at the catholic school nextdoor can be trying especially for someone who has in the past week complained of squeaky doors and faucets. (on cue the neighbors door squeaks) i get it you are having fun, not inquisition level fun (see, i brought it back) but the only thing bloody is my spiking blood pressure and what im liable to do about it. want me to deconstruct that pun for you? theres a iron maiden spikey torture joke in there too but who was the time?

and just like that, lunch is over. ceasefire in play til 3pm.


its that time of year again. yes, you guessed it, im saying goodbye to my oldest still in use t-shirt. the oldest t-shirt in my collection is, of course, my 1977 giorgio chinaglia soccer camp t-shirt in a sky blue but this one is nearly as special as it is the last of the first batch of american apparel t-shirts i bought from an old jewish-owned t-shirt wholesaler storefront formerly on grand st just east of orchard. thats right. you know the one. schmedricks or something. think it was 2005 or so and they were about $7 bucks a pop versus $18 in the american apparel store a half mile away or so on houston. fuck you, perv guy! i won! you all know who i am talking about. but this is also an extra special occasion as it marks the first time i bought ordinary t-shirts in bulk (hanes undershirts notwithstanding) which i am surprised their has been no holiday to comemmorate. but the beastie boys just got that corner of ludlow & rivington named after them so i probably have another six years or so before my time arrives. the campaign begins forthwidth! i will have to admit it outlasted its other brethern by being my least favorite color option and sat for years unused on the shelf along with the violet j crew t-shirts and the itchy northface one. although years later we grew close, it might have even become my favorite of the bunch primarily because i have forgotten the rest. not true, navy & black & umber or especially you, kelly green. ill never forget you. never. so pour one at for ash brown, it might not actually be that color but im too lazy to get up and match it at the moment.... because i am so broken up at losing a friend, nay, my best friend.

According to Hillel & Inside Higher Ed, the % of undergrads who are Jews: * Harvard: 9.9% (down from 25% as recently as the 2010s) * Yale: 12.2% * Columbia University: 22.3% (down from 40% in the late '60s) * Cornell: 21.5% * Brown: 23.9%


my 10-12lb young turkey is enroute! second week in a row ill be indulging in post thanksgiving selloffs. last week it was cornbread stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes preprepared. now ill try my hand at a turkey. ive never cooked a whole one before. any advice that i wont heed?

still have to go out and buy a disposable roasting pan at the "99cents" store which is really going to cut into my price per pound which is currently at $1. there was an even cheaper butterball at $.50 per but i thought id splurge on what i imagine is supposed to be higher quality. bought a cornbread mix and still have some cranberry sauce. its gonna be one hell of a pearl harbor day celebration! ok, probably wait until the weekend. what happened on dec 9?

RIP Norman Lear dead at 101 creator Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman among other things.

seen or heard two positive notices for this japanese godzilla movie. where do they get off stealing our ip though? disgraceful. i should probably check to see if its japanese... nah.

Biden Newsom 2024

guess i sort of knew this was coming. think i recall speculation about disney spinning off espn and selling it to a sportbook but for now we get espnbet

rewatched the parallax view last night just in time for kissingers kiss off. seemed appropriate. extra legal assassinations were definitely part of his realpolitik bag. im sure there were any number of plotholes but the one that jumped out at me was the fact that beattys character was part of a group that may or may not have been targeted for assassination yet he attempts to infiltrate the organization. i realize it was pre-internet but they seemed pretty organized. there must have been a folder with his picture in it at the very least yet he made no effort to alter his appearance, of course, because he is warren beatty and that sells tickets, but i though that was kind of absurd even if the world supposed he was already dead. 

so the movie leaves you wanting but i suppose that is the point. no easy answers just post watergate/kennedy conspiracy deep state unease.

love that theres a bot on reddit that if you mention sex panther from anchorman it will automatically post the quote in this case it was for a vintage 70s ad for a cologne called mandate in which the scene gives off a distinct roofie vibe hence the allusion. admittedly the scened being mentioned multiple times made me sad for the state of discourse but clearly i am part of the problem.

It's called Sex Panther® by Odeon©.

It's illegal in 9 countries.

It's also made with bits of real panthers, so you know it's good.

60% of the time, it works every time.


lot of tv happening now. nothing standout but...

fargo season 5 i think is back. didnt watch the last one but....  fx/hulu

for all mankind is back for season 4. apple

just saw slow horses is back for season 3. apple

watching whatever the godzilla show is on apple. kurt russell with his son playing a younger version of self.

murder at the end of the world seemed promising. so far just ok. fx/hulu

guilty pleasure, i mean, the gilded age is back on hbo.

bad reviews for the last season of the crown on netflix.

a period piece called the doll factory looked worth a shot. netflix

a period piece called the buccaneers did not. apple

what was that other apple one with brie larson?

oh yeah, the curse. emma stone and that deadpan jew who show everyone loved but i never watched. whoof, showtime. havent watched it yet.

just binged a decent aussi relationship comedy. what was that sharon horgan one? like that but not as good. colin from accounts. paramount+

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have only seen four of these. not even asteroid city. was listening to a pod today and they were lauding past lives.

The Dr. Pepper Girl: Donna Loren

sure she must be familiar to y'all but before my time and then married a famous record producer so faded into relative obscurity. kids are both musicians of some renown.

Visited a friend yesterday and Albert Brooks briefly came up in conversation. I did no searching but my phone was on and in my pocket, today my youtube feed is full of Albert Brooks clips.  We discussed Tom Noonan at length but nada from the spybots. Noonan has the greater output but Brooks has the awards.

Dukes London martini

One of the few traditional wood barrel-aged soy sauce makers in Japan

Just watched https://www.imdb.com/title/tt19623228/ guess I recommend.

Linda clued this up for me next https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5302918/ I assume she recommends it, I do like Jodie movies usually.