Cafe Du Soleil in Manhattan hopes its plastic bubbles will warm up diners as temperatures get colder.

First time to watch Barbarella straight through.

we have fresh turmeric from the garden. 37 dishes to chose from

Even though there were huge strides in civil rights and women’s liberation in the 1960s, it might have well been the dark ages in other aspects. In 1966 Bobbi Gibb desperately wanted to run the Boston Marathon, a 26 mile test of endurance that’s regarded as one of the most important amateur races in the country. Even though she ran 40 miles a day in preparation for the race, she was denied entry because race director Will Cloney believed that women weren’t physically capable of running long distances.

On April 19, 1966, Gibb dressed in her brother’s clothes and joined the race near the starting pen. When men realized that Gibbs was a woman they cheered her on, and when she finished the race the Governor of Massachusetts, John Volpe, was waiting there to shake her hand. 

Pandemic hair loss

Doctors have identified another disturbing side effect of the coronavirus pandemic: infected patients shedding large quantities of hair.

e-z vinigarette / what's your go to dressing ?

a must my film super smart pal sez

Nora Ephron once said that her mother understood that the “tragedies of your life one day have the potential to be comic stories the next.” Indeed, when Nora Ephron was visiting her dying mother at Doctors Hospital in New York City, Phoebe Ephron told her, “Take notes, Nora, take notes. Everything is copy.” Phoebe Ephron died on October 13, 1971.

go girl!!

17 mint varieties / mint exchange

sunday funday


fucking christ. they couldnt weekend at bernies RBG for two months? Rest In Hubris, Ruth. you should have retired six years ago.

noticing a trend towards cringe shows. 

how climate migration will reshape america

wearing a mask in an mlb game not because of pandemic but because of wildfire air quality.

is it true portland created Hawaiian pizza? 1957? It must have created French pizza w/ frog legs......this placed lasted 3 month FYI

muffining. better camera phone but still 2nd rate 2015 tech.

almost clicked on this. have a weird thing about making political donations.

since 2004 only six men other than federer, djokovic and nadal have won a major. today at 4 will be #7 because djokovic inadvertently pelted a lineswoman when he was slamming a ball in frustration. was an automatic disqualification though he clearly wasnt aiming for her. so, two younger up and comers get their shot, some austrian and a russian. ill learn their names when they win. russian is actually zverev. im spacing on the austrian though i watched his semifinal match. 

nice to see osaka win again. third one for her and only 22 years old. women need someone other than 39 yo serena to win consistently.