more canadian "humor" for bill.

just stumbled on this british nsa-type cyber thriller starring simon pegg. mark rylance is in the cast but didnt make an appearance in ep 1. so far keeping my attention. 

whoa! ball!! 

your future is now stories.

sewage beer vs driverless strike

VM family dog #68

RIP Sonny Barger

RIP M.H. Keane painter of large eyed war orphans

I'm going to give only murders in the building another shot. Lost interest last year during the first episode. 

I like it because it's stupid and funny

and yet to dip my toe into season 3 of for all mankind but recall season 2 despite one regrettably soapy plot point ended on quite a cliffhanger.... in spaaaaaace!

feeling the need to scratch that downton abbey itch. not quite as posh but similar vibes from hotel portofino. the tagline mentions a whodunnit but midway through the second episode the inciting incident has yet to be revealed.

Enjoying the first episode of The Offer, a series on the making of The Godfather.


is a smoothie a smoothie without banana? 

i forgot to put bananas in my smoothie.

remember when you watched tv "broadcast" live on tape? imma try it tonight. westworld returns to hb...o? now or whenever. i think i dont remember anything about the last season other than it kind of went of the rails.

if you loved our wine....

Porsche, Modified 356 Speedster by Robert Morris (#0123) on Jun 23, 2022 |  Los Angeles Modern Auctions in CA

dave's not here

greatly enjoying irma vep so far.

RIP M Henry Jones

can we talk? Via Justin 

"In Airplane(1980), The casting of professional basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a member of the flight crew was a reference to pro football player Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch's role as a pilot in the serious airplane disaster film Zero Hour! (1957) which is heavily parodied by Airplane."

Anyone gonna watch the Jan 6 hearings?  I doubt much will come of them but I do plan on watching tonight's offerings and maybe more..

my yearly phoenix weather look-in.

playground love


freakscene: the story of dinosaur jr