steph curry is the reigning mvp and now the nbas biggest star.

artisanal firewood

i like black sails enough to recommend it. wasnt won over by the initial criticism or the fact that michael bay produced it but gave it a shot when the second season got some positive responses. and looking at metacritic viewers were much more forgiving. not the greatest show and somewhat gratuitous at times but for the most part will hold your interest with some well drawn characters and fair amount of intrigue, and sure, some less than completely stereotypical depictions of pirating the caribbean. currently airing its third season on starz.

last days of st marks books

Any candid opinions on Nader's spoiler effect on the 2000 election? Wiki seems inconclusive. i voted Nader in NJ where Gore was a done deal and i thought bumping Nader's numbers would help get a message across. My second disclosure is that I'm onboard with HRC this round. My rationale is we need to bring our biggest stick to knock down the opposition on election day and I think that's HRC for better or worse (i'm not blind). I dont think Sanders can beat any of their top 3 in a general election. so i guess there are two points embedded in this post.  

new look for kossars bialys.

watching Madoff. perfect for Dreyfuss.

I know steve d. is big into black tea. can he or anyone else make recommendations for great special occasion and great every day black teas?


Ages ago I bought an emeco navy chair anodized in dark grey. I got just the one to see how I liked it before ordering more. Fifteen years later, I want more. The google can't find any suppliers of the 1006 in colors. Any ideas from resident mid-century fans? I'm aware of the 111, which is plastic, and comes in colors, but I've never seen one in person.

nomadic chefs

jim, how'd you make those pickled onions when we were at the coast here?

Gianfranco Sanguinetti s’insurge !

anyone watch horace and pete yet?

helter seltzer

but it's like that and that's the way it is / freeports

Early spring, anyone?

Just back from SF mini tour with the band...

Awesome out there...

Damn good eatin...

In/Out burger right aft landed...Guess some sort of classic SF hamburger chain...Was ok...Got this so called "animal" burger...fried in mustard...?

Next day Swan Oyster Depot....Forgetaboutit...Amazing joint...can even begin how happy...Plus weirdest thing...No line!!!

Chez Panisse Cafe late lunch...Great...More oysters, Nice Huet Sec...then a Cali Pinot ...dont remeb name..good tho, (we had no photo rule) restraint....Nice chicken dish w chick peas sort of Moroccan-y....Laid back scene, real nice room...Did have to make slight adjustment frankly to Waters apporach of just letting things be...not tring to blow your head off...In other words was at first.."Like, hmm...really...?"

 Spices II...Great chinese.....Some how we didnt get the crazy spicy stuff they famous for...Pig Ears....!!  Love....Guess gotta go back...

Any number of ok burritos in bettween...And cool bars for mixology investigation...Agricole.. Slate, Alembic


Last night I had himono robatayaki. Fish that's salted and sundried, then grilled over charcoal. The dried seabream on that page appears to be an example of this. We had one of the varieties of mackeral on the menu.

Adding ... and it was good. Much umami.

question: Chelsea Handler ?

answer: If you have to ask.

enjoyed her charlie rose appearance. decided to take in a couple of episodes from her series. Silicone Valley was pretty good. rough set of friends at her discussion table.

Cruz control

goodbye Fish

goodbye Fish

chuck todd vs comedy realists

too short but way to lead with a bs defense