loving this one at 39 mins https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/prospect_2018

sad to announce im on my last roll of toilet paper from the 30 pack i bought at the height of the toilet paper panic in april. please respect my ass' privacy in these difficult times. 


small batch kits

We are on the coast and the home has a local written book on Sometimes A Great Notion filming........Kesey making trouble on the set till banned and driving in Newmans psychedelic sports car.....and they have the movie, watched for the first time, 100 Rotten Tomatoes, very good.

p.s. JJoplins car below....

more about the excessive praise than the goal. so overwrought. rip.

Is it art?


Murry Top Wheel Eliminator


this is from 1964. i dont ever remember soup with my frozen dinner. we didnt have them too often. wasnt big on the salisbury steak but i do remember getting the fried chicken. 

between the hair dye streaming down his face here, the borat near jerk off, the landscaping company photo-op and the hunter biden noise guiliani is impossibly farcical. meanwhile he continues the billable hours (is he actually getting paid though?) so the joke inevitably is on us.

made some chicken & vegetable soup w/orzo. stock'n'all. been getting a lot of rotisserie chicken so really should stock up more often. nothing tremendous but not bad. had some higher end chicken breast as it was on sale which is noticeably better than cheaper cuts.

i always find these "menacing" face to face photos of boxers ludicrous much like the sport itself but in the age of covid i cant even. nice to see they found a new place to put an advertisement. 

last time dems won georgia and arizona was 1948.

the hotspot is in red.

temporary installation 

no googling......do you know the name of the first american movie with naked waist up woman....i am watching it now.......great but intense

saw a sign in times sq video for keurig dr pepper. seemed like an unlikely pairing.

hearing some sustained whooping and honking in the street. guess they just called pennsylvania. also hammering which is unrelated unless you want to blame trump for the covid response.